Tree Stump Removal

We can make unsightly tree stumps disappear as if they were never there. Learn how Worcester Tree & Stump can remove those pesky reminders of past trees from your yard or business.

Tree Removal Solutions for Homes and Businesses

“Goodbye, Stumps. Nice Knowing You.”¬†

When a tree is cut down, a unsightly stump remains behind. It takes about a decade for a tree stump to decay naturally, but there are many factors that can prolong the process, such as the species of the tree, tree size, climate, and other environmental factors.

In addition, the remaining tree stump can cause ongoing problems such as encroaching on an undesirable area or even representing a safety concern. Tree stumps can even become infested by insects, rodents, or other pests which can then roam into nearby areas.

And not to mention the fact that a leftover stump can taint an otherwise beautiful landscape.

For these reasons, a tree stump should be removed completely

Our Stump Removal Solution

Some stump removal solutions involve extensive excavation. In these processes, a significant radius around the stump must be dug using construction equipment and the entire stump as well as the root system is extracted. This is often an extremely costly and often unnecessary, not to mention that it makes alterations to the surrounding grounds.

Stump grinding and removal is a wallet-friendly solution! Using an industrial strength grinding apparatus, Worcester Tree & Stump can completely remove a tree stump from view.

We clear the area to ensure safety.

We use a high speed grinding machine to pulverize the stump until it is 4-6 inches beneath the surface.

The result is reclaimed space, revitalized scenery and improved safety at an affordable cost.