Expert Tree Management For New England

For nearly 30 years, Worcester Tree & Stump has remained New England’s undisputed tree experts, helping our customers navigate the challenges of tree care to keep their property looking beautiful and well-manicured. 

"We Are New England's Top Company, Staffed with Experts That Are Dedicated to Serving You"

When it comes to it’s landscape and climate, New England is widely known for it’s unpredictable weather patterns, fall foliage, and towering trees.

So, if you are a property owner in New England, tree management can often be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right tools and expertise to meet the challenges of removing a 40 year old pine tree or a 50 year old birch tree.

In sticky situations, for over 30 years, business and homeowners have relied on Worcester Tree & Stump, New England’s tree experts, to perform maintenance tree services.

We offer a variety of services that are sure to meet any tree care needs you may have.

Each service is performed by tree care technicians who have the kind of training and expertise you expect from a tree management professional.

Tree Removal

We offer tree removal service to customers. This service is beneficial because it can help people keep their yards clean and tidy. Overgrown trees often appear rather unsightly. It can also reduce injury risk. Branches that drop to the ground can pose serious dangers to people

Stump Removal

This service can help people attain outdoor properties that are significantly more attractive by removing the leftover tree trunk from the landscape

Tree Trimming

Count on Worcester Tree and Stump for fine tree trimming service. Routine tree trimming service can encourage tree health. It can also help give your property an enhanced view. 

Emergency Service

We even offer rapid response emergency tree services in Auburn. If you have a fell tree on your property, you can call us any time for our fast and diligent removal service. Our specialists can stop trees from harming human beings, pets and property.

The Importance of Tree Management Services

Trees are normally beautiful parts of nature that are meant to be admired and enjoyed.

However, they can sometimes become problematic and require removal for various reasons. Some of the reasons that a tree might need to be removed include becoming diseased, developing an insect infestation, leaning in a dangerous way or beginning to grow somewhere it is not wanted. Trees also sometimes need removal because they simply die.

Tree experts like those at Worcester Tree & Stump are able to take care of all of these common tree management service needs and more.

You may have heard that our tree removal service in particular is our specialty, but we perform other services such as pruning and trimming, stump removal, and emergency tree services with equal skill. All services are available for homes and businesses.

Get In Touch With New England’s Tree Experts

Worcester Tree & Stump offers a free consultation to help you determine which of our four tree management services might be most useful to you.

Our free consultation means you can get a quote without any obligation.

Contact Worcester Tree & Stump to learn more about our services and how they can help your property look the way you want it to!