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When you’re looking for tree service in Worcester, Massachusetts, put your trust in a company that has a proven track record. That company is Worcester Tree & Stump

As a neighborhood business, we recognize the unique weather, tree types, and various nuances it takes to properly manage and service trees in Eastern Massachusetts.

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Available Services from Worcester Tree & Stump

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Tree Removal

Trees are a very integral part of the environment, but sometimes they put you and your home at risk. Our tree removal service makes it easy to remove dead or dying trees from your property. By doing this, you can lessen the chance of a tree falling down and damaging your house or hurting a family member. You should choose our tree removal service because we don’t just remove the tree. We also clean up afterward to leave your house looking just as good as we found it, minus a tree or two.

Emergency Service

Let’s face it, tree problems can strike at any time. If you find yourself with a tree emergency, you want to know that there is a company that can help you in your time of need. At Worcester Tree & Stump, we are proud to offer 24-hour emergency tree services. Day or night, we will be there to deal with any tree-related issue that may be putting your family in harm’s way.


Having overgrown trees in your yard can cause a number of problems. Trees can become structurally unstable when they’re overgrown and can hang over your house, allowing algae and mold to build up on the roof. Like all of our other services, our tree trimming service is eco-friendly because we reuse the wood obtained from trimming your trees to make mulch or other helpful products.


If you’ve ever had a tree removed, chances are you have a stump left over. Tree stumps are unsightly to look at and a tripping hazard. Some homeowners choose embrace their stumps by turning them into centerpieces for their lawns, but we can help those who want to have them removed.

Tree Services Need Score for Area (TSNS) 9/10

The TSNS is a measure of the need for tree management services in the area based on geographical characteristics, forestry information and internal data.

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