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Worcester Tree & Stump knows that tree services in Westborough, Massachusetts are essential. New England goes through the fits of all four seasons — Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring — and each season brings it’s own environmental challenges. Hurricanes can tear trees down in the summer, a giant tree may dump too many leaves in the fall, snow and ice bring trees down in the winter, and the beginning of spring is marked by wet earth and exposed roots.

And when you need Westborough tree service, you want to look local. You want the hearty New Englander working for you, family owned and operated; the kind of person who gets the job done thoroughly no how big the job. You want to look for expert staffing with decades of safe experience on the job. We are fully insured, eco friendly and professional.

New England is a moist environment with strong, tall trees that grow fast. Every homeowner will need Westboro tree services every now and again.

Worcester Tree & Stump handles jobs of any size, we offer low, upfront pricing, green removal protocols and we’re fully insured. In the end, we’ll make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.

Tree Removal: Remember Hurricane Bob?

There’s no other place in the country that sees such extreme weather as Massachusetts. You could get a hurricane in the summer and world-class blizzard in the winter. Each of these terrors of nature are likely to destroy trees. When you have a busted tree in your yard, maybe one leaning on your roof after a storm, you’re going to need tree removal service. Local guys can show up quick and get that tree out of your yard safely while mitigating any damage done to your property.

Stump Grinding: Hard Earth

New England is known for its rocky soil and trees can grip deep in between those rocks with their roots to settle in for the long haul. The only way to clear that land is to grind the stump down for complete removal. Once the stump is gone, you can put in a shed, a pool or run a pipe right through.

Tree Trimming: The Bounty of Summer

After a long, hard winter, the foliage springs back to life. Trees like to grow fast and their limbs can get into your gutters, windows, telephone wires or they may obstruct a view. A good tree limb trimming service can make your house safer while making it look clean and inviting.

Emergency Services: We'll be there when you need us

When a tall New England tree falls, it can cause damage. The weight of a tree, especially covered in ice and snow, can crash right through garages, smash through windows or take down power lines. Emergency tree services can help you patch up your home quickly. And that’s why you want the guys right down the road to do it — they get there quick to help you out fast.

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