Tree Service in Northborough, MA

Affordable Tree Service For Your Property

At Worcester Tree & Stump, we are your local one-stop shop for eco-friendly tree service in Northborough, Massachusetts. 

We have been providing tree management services for 35 years. Family owned and operated, our friendly staff are fully insured and highly dependable. 

Upfront pricing tells you how much you will pay for our services beforehand. 

We handle tree services of all kinds and sizes, place a strong emphasis on safety to people and property, and always provide a full clean-up.

Our Tree Care Solutions

Tree Removal

It could be that your tree is diseased, is in danger of falling or has been damaged and, as a result, you feel the time has come for the tree to be removed. 

Contact us and we will assess the situation in consultation with you. It might be that the tree can be saved. But if it needs to go, we will ensure that the tree is removed in the safest and best way possible.

Should you need to have a tree removed to make room for a building extension or to erect a new one, we will do so efficiently and safely.

Emergency Service

We provide tree services in Northborough that can respond within a short time to any tree emergency. The tree might have been damaged by a severe storm, it might have been the object of a vehicle accident or it might have suddenly shown signs of collapse.

In all cases, we at Worcester Tree & Stump can provide the emergency service that the tree needs, whether it be removing the entire tree or trimming off limbs that can be a danger to nearby buildings or even passersby.


In many cases an unsightly or diseased tree can be saved by trimming branches rather than removing the entire tree. Our experts will prune the tree so that it looks healthy once more.

Remember that amateur tree pruning can cause a tree eventually to die so it is important that you use the experienced staff at Worcester Tree & Stump for any pruning needs you might have.


Tree removal means that a stump remains. Some owners do not mind having a stump on their property, but in many cases they prefer to have it removed. 

Our professional and insured tree services in Northborough will grind down the stump so that it disappears from view and can be covered over so that no traces of the stump remain; people will never know that a tree once stood there.

Just complete the form on this page and we will provide you with a FREE consultation so that your need for tree services is met efficiently, quickly and responsibly.

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