Tree Service in Millbury, MA

Let Us Take Care of All Your Tree Care Needs

Are you finding yourself in sudden need of tree service in Millbury? As that old saying goes, sometimes “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. Until of course, the trees make themselves hard to ignore. They might have come down in a windstorm, look about to come down due to disease or old age, be encroaching on sewer lines, or be overdue for a trim. As easy as it is to take our leafy friends for granted, in order to protect the health of the trees themselves and your property, regular tree maintenance and periodic checkups are recommended.

This information certainly doesn’t mean that people need to fear trees, but rather that for most tree care, they should turn to professional help. And for tree- related assistance in the greater Worcester area, residents have been turning to us for thirty years for Millbury tree services.

Available Tree Services In Your Area

Tree Removal

While we never like to say goodbye, even a tree’s time must come to an end. The tree may be dead or dying, and must be felled. It may have already fallen and must be safely taken off of a property. Or it could be a “nuisance” tree, threatening power lines or sewage piping. In such cases, our crews can safely remove trees with effective tools and techniques quickly. 

Emergency Service

Trees unfortunately don’t always give advance warning before they fall across driveways or sag onto power lines. Fortunately, our company is able to respond quickly to these emergencies, even on evenings and weekends.


You think a good hair cut looks and feels great? Your trees agree! Regular tree trimming improves the shape and health of trees, and can considerably extend life spans. Professional trimming assures that it’s done safely and correctly.


That tree is gone, but its stump remains, a potential eyesore and safety hazard. Our techs can remove the stump, grind it up, replace soil, and remove all debris from your property. 

Worcester Tree & Stump is not just a local business, but a family owned one that not only means that we have strong “roots” in the community, but a deep-seated understanding of the physical conditions and tree species in this part of Massachusetts. This makes for fast, effective, environmentally conscious tree services, performed by well-trained, safety-first technicians. Worcester Tree & Stump is fully insured and can complete tree service projects of all sizes. All of this and up-front pricing means that you should call us for all of your tree services in Millbury. And what might these include?

Proper tree servicing is a year-round affair. Don’t be distracted by falling leaves, but get help for your trees now with our Millbury tree services by filling out our free consultation form today, and make sure that your trees are with you for years to come.

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