Tree Service in Holden, MA

Let Us Take Care of All Your Tree Care Needs

We provide prompt professional tree service in Holden, Massachusetts, and in surrounding areas. We can provide any tree work that you need, including trimming branches, grinding stumps, dangerous tree removal and immediate emergency assistance. Our professional service crew is eco-friendly and has the experience and knowledge to get your job accomplished right.

We take pride in being reliable and dependable when our customers need us most. We are a family owned business with great customer service and friendly staff, and we are large enough to properly handle all of your tree needs from very small to very large jobs. 

So if you live in Holden, MA and require tree management services, chances are we can help!

Holden Tree Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal is our signature service. We are staffed to handle large and small tree removal jobs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle quickly, safely and completely. We make it easy on you – just let us know which trees you want removed and we’ll get to work!


We can make that nasty looking left over stump disappear using industrial strength forest equipment to grind the stump out of view.


Contact us to get your trees and shrubs in great condition and looking their best. We will send our tree trimming team to inspect the appearance and condition of your landscape and to suggest tree care recommendations that will preserve or improve your curb appeal. 

Your trees will look beautiful and healthy all year when you rely on our team to keep them trimmed and attractive.

Emergency Service

Emergencies happen year round and we are here if you need us after winter snow tree damage, heavy rain storms, snapped branches from ice or strong winds and toppled trees after a storm. You can rely on us for prompt emergency tree service and meticulous clean-up.

We give free estimates and provide upfront pricing. Do not use an unreliable company that may be uninsured or try to remove a fallen tree or a dying tree by yourself unless you have all the proper safety knowledge, experience and tools. We are ready and available to do your tree work safely, quickly and affordably. 

Request a free consultation today by completing the form on this page.

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