Tree Service in Boylston, MA

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Homeowners looking for tree services in Boylston or the surrounding area need look no further than Worcester Tree & Stump. The health of the trees on your property directly affects your property value and can also increase the risk of property damage if there are large hanging branches or limbs that could fall in a storm.

We provide Boylston tree services that are eco-friendly with an emphasis on safety at all times. Our upfront pricing lets our customers know where they stand before the work begins. The first step in the process is to complete the form below for a free consultation.

Available Services from Worcester Tree & Stump

Tree removal is best left to the professionals. We'll show up with the exact right equipment and specific skills to get the job done effectively and safely. Trying to do it yourself to save a few bucks can result in serious injury, and in the end, homeowners that see tree removal as a DIY project often end up calling professionals to finish the job. Tree removal is far different from cutting firewood. It's complicated and technical.

More About Tree Removal Service

Because stump removal is usually a separate service, you'll have the option of doing nothing, but there are reasons to get rid of it. Stumps detract from your otherwise meticulous yard, they can be hazardous, and they're a pain to maneuver around. When we perform stump grinding services, we go below the grass line to ensure there's enough soil for the new grass to take hold. If you have a stump you'd like to get rid of, please complete the form for a free consultation.

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At Worcester Tree & Stump, we nurture the trees we work on to ensure maximum growth potential. Working from the inside of the tree out, we can spot trees that may be dying from disease or have suffered storm damage. Trees that are trimmed every few years are more likely to withstand strong winds.

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Emergencies are inherently unpredictable and when they occur, you want a quick response. If lightening strikes and a tree is ready to fall, we'll do our best to respond to your emergency situation, but keep in mind that if there's been a significant storm, yours is likely one of many such emergencies. To avoid urgent situations that may threaten your home or property, consider having hazardous trees removed before a storm hits.

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We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the above services. By providing some information about your situation, we'll be better prepared to respond to your needs.

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