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The curb-side view of your yard is the first impressions that people have of your home. And a homeowner, you want to convey to your visitors.

If you are looking for residential tree service, we at family owned and operated Worcester Tree & Stump in Worcester, Massachusetts stand ready to help.


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Tree Removal

We all love trees, but sometimes when they are diseased, damaged or dying it becomes necessary to remove them as falling trees can not only destroy buildings, but also can cause loss of life. If you are unsure what course to take, we will advise you and, if we suggest the tree be removed, we will do so in the safest and most effective way possible. We have 35 years experience in removing trees ensuring that both property and owner remain protected. Our superb cleanup is the end result.

Stump Removal

After a tree has been cut down, a stump remains that you might prefer also to have removed. Our residential tree services are designed to do just that. Using the most modern machinery available, we will use a cutting disk to chip away at the stump so that, after we are done, none of it will be seen. You will be left with an area that looks as though it never had a tree on it in the first place on which you will be able to plant or even build in the future.

Tree Trimming

Sometimes removal is unnecessary to correct a tree problem. It might that branches of a tree are dying or are unsightly; a tree might have grown so much that it is interfering with utility lines; or the tree branches could be touching a roof or blocking signage. In most cases, trimming the tree rather than removing it will not only solve those problems but will also improve the tree’s appearance and its condition. Because improper pruning can cause a tree to become damaged or even die, it is important that the tree be trimmed by a homeowner tree services expert such as those at Worcester Tree & Stump who will ensure that the trimming be undertaken competently, giving the tree many additional years of life.

Emergency Services

An emergency can arise at any time, such as when a car or truck drives into a tree, severely damaging it, or when a strong storm tears through an area, leaving widespread destruction in its wake. If such an event arises, call us at Worcester Tree & Stump immediately before further damage is caused by broken limbs and trees that are leaning. Because we are locally based, our homeowner tree services experts will attend to your needs rapidly, whether it be tree removal, trimming or other action that needs urgently to be taken.

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